Our mission


Our mission is to eradicate preventable genetic diseases among the Bedouin community in Israel and enable a healthy beginning for all children - notwithstanding culture, tradition, geography or socio-economic status.

We believe in using health as a bridge to prosperity by making preventative treatment the best and easiest choice of action, while maintaining the values of health equality, respect for culture and accessible healthcare.

In the Middle East, there are ~3 million children born with severe genetic diseases. We aim to change this reality and provide children with the opportunity to lead healthy lives.




We aim to decrease the prevalence of genetic diseases in the Bedouin community in Israel by spearheading premarital genetic testing through a community based approach. 


We respect local traditions pertaining to marriage and will never dictate who someone should or should not marry. Instead, we work within the limits of culture and tradition in order to help each couple find the right solutions.


Our model is multi-pronged in order to allow comprehensive solutions to complex issues.

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