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We are a non-profit that aims to decrease the prevalence of genetic diseases in the Bedouin community in Israel by spearheading premarital genetic testing through a community-based approach. We believe in the importance of a healthy beginning for all children - notwithstanding culture, tradition, geography or socio-economic status.

 Approximately 1 in 10 Bedouins in Israel suffer from at least one severe genetic disease. We’re on a mission to change that. Here’s how.


A Healthy Beginning

אנו בתהליכי פיתוח של מערך לביצוע בדיקות גנטיות אשר מותאם לקהילה הבדואית, באמצעות הנגשת שירותים מותאמים תרבותית ושפתית, באזורים מרוחקים וללא עלות לקהילה. בדיקות ויעוץ אלו יהיו נגישים עבור כל הצעירים בקהילה הבדואית אשר לפני הנישואין או לפני ההריון הראשון.

בדיקה גנטית וייעוץ

Education &


توجّه المنظمة برنامجًا تثقيفيًّا وتوعويًّا الذي يتمحور حول أهمية الخضوع لهذه الفحوصات، وذلك من خلال تعزيز المعرفة والثقافة في المجال الوراثيّ. تبلور حملاتنا حوارًا جماهيريًا داعمًا للمجتمع المحليّ والذي يساهم في خلق التغيير المرجو.

A community-based initiative founded on the belief that real change happens from within, Rodaina was developed by Bedouin opinion leaders and religious figures. All of our activities are conducted in partnership with local municipalities, schools, and community organizations in order to create locally relevant and sustainable solutions.

Local Partners & Community Support

Scalability & Sustainable Impact

Our initiative provides a rare opportunity that will enable the Israeli health system to save hundreds of millions of shekels each year by reducing costs of medical care, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and allowances.

A pilot is currently being conducted in the Bedouin community in Israel and will then be expanded to Palestine and across the Middle East. International partnerships are constantly being cultivated for this very purpose.

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